PrestaShop Site 2.0
Build template files and create content all in the live drag & drop editor - zero coding required.
SiteBuilder works best with the Classic theme.
Enjoy Design Freedom

The SiteBuilder has almost everything we need to build a PrestaShop website using its drag & drop interface, it builds not only the content but also template files with its two main features the Content builder and Theme builder.

The old way of building a website is to buy a theme for its template files and buy some modules to add content, the SiteBuilder provides a new easy way to build template files and create content all in its live drag & drop editor - zero coding required, it really gives you the creative freedom to turn your ideas of every part of your website into reality.

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Reduce 3rd-party modules

No more pain from fixing compatibility issues from 3rd party modules. Take care of every website creation need with Sitebuilder.

120 + Widgets for Every Purpose

Create your modern PrestasShop site using built-in 120+ widgets. Actually, the amount does matter, the capability of them matters.

SiteBuilder Structure
This SiteBuilder is composed of 3 main parts: Theme builder, Miniature builder, and Content builder.
Theme builder
Theme templates
Product page
Set to use different templates by product/category/brand
Quick view page
All brands page
Category page
Product listing page
New products / Bestsellers / Prices drop / Brand / Search
CMS page
Custom pages
Build landing pages and blog like pages.
Native pages
404 page not found
Contact us
No products page
Maintenance page
Cart page, my account page, login page
Coming soon
Sidebar cart / search / size chart
Mobile menu
Miniature builder
Product miniature
Category miniature
Brand miniature
Content builder
Add content to any hook
Advanced hooks
Add content for selected products/categories/brands
Some hooks on the product page
Some hooks on the category page
Product description and Product summary
Category description
Cms content
"Product comments", "Quick buy", etc are coming soon.
Reasons To Love SiteBuilder​
Reasons To Love SiteBuilder​
Reasons To Love SiteBuilder​
Reasons To Love SiteBuilder​
Latest Elementor v3.14
Based on the latest version of Elementor (v3.14+), new features will be added regularly.
Other builders are based on very old versions of the Elementor and can't be updated anymore.
Panda theme
Section & column
Flex & Grid
All layouts
A not that accurate ability comparison of 3 layout models.
Flex & grid
Good Bye, the old "Section & Column" layout. Say Hello to the new "Flex & Grid" layout. The capability of the "Flex & Grid" layout is way beyond the other two.
  • What a premium theme, like the Panda theme, can do is limited in terms of layout.
  • The "Section & Column" layout is old school, it's okay, but not enough.
  • The "Flex & Grid" layout is mainstream, it can almost do everything, with way less code.
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Page Builder
Page builder and Content builder, don't be confused. Page builder is used to design the structure of a page.
Isn't it amazing that you can drag and drop to build pages? We used to use pages provided by a theme, there's not much we can do about the page layout.
With Sitebuilder you don't need to buy a theme anymore, you can create and style pages easily using the drag-and-drop interface without coding, it's like you can create your own themes. Here is a list of pages that can be built with the SiteBuilder
Miniature builder​
Miniature builder / Loop
The way products are displayed on the homage page and the listing page is important. With a theme, you probably can't customize product miniature.
With SiteBuilder you get creative freedom to design your product miniatures.
Menu builder
Menu builder
Build a mega menu in one go using any widgets you like.
Menu builder
Mobile-first design
Built with the success of mCommerce in mind, SiteBuilder has some excellent features for building a mobile-friendly shop.
Sidebar & popup builder​
Use sidebars to keep the most important buttons always in view, like cart, wishlist, and account details.
Create some popups to capture your visitors’ attention for promotional content.
Sidebar & popup builder​​
Custom page builder
Custom page builder
Create landing pages with ease. Landing pages can have a completely different look and feel from other pages. They can have a different header and footer or even without header and footer.
The custom page feature can also be used to create blog-like pages. Display those blog-like pages on the homepage using the Content slider widget or Slide Anything widget, that's a blog feature.
Customizable Breakpoints​
Breakpoints are used when designing your website to be responsive across all devices. Different content & different layouts will be shown based on the width of the screen and your breakpoints settings. With SiteBuilder you can set 2 to 6 breakpoints, the value for each breakpoint is also customizable.
Customizable Breakpoints​​
SItebuilder provides two ways, choose one accordingly:

1. The same layout for all languages.

If you are going to create a record from all languages with the same layout, then leave the language field be empty to make the record show for all languages. There is a language switcher along with every text field, use them to enter different content for different languages.

2. Different layouts for different languages.

If you are going to create a record for a specific language, then select a specific language in the "Language" field. The record only shows in the selected language. The advantage of this way is that you can have different layouts for different languages.

WebP & Retina

1. Serve Images in Next-Gen Format WebP.

SiteBuilder 100% support Prestashop 8's webp feature to display product images and categroy images in webp format.

2. Hight resolution image / Retina

Deliver large images at twice their regular sizes for retina displays for users to see crisp product images instead of blurry ones.

WebP & Retina
Best lazyloading​
Best lazyloading
Loads images in the viewport only. Any out-of-view images will not be loaded to greatly improve page loading speed.
Images in the invisible area or lower part of a page will not be loaded at the beginning, they will be loaded only when they enter the user's viewport or come into the visible area of the web page.